Research and reports

Submission to Select Committe for the Department for Communities and Local Government enquiry on
the private rented sector
(December 2012)

Campaign report on electrical safety in the private rented sector - December 2012 
NPTO responsed to the Cabinet Office Red Tape Challenge in the private rented sector 23rd April 2012
NPTO response to Hyndburn Borough Council consultation on selective licensing

NPTO submission to the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee on fuel poverty in the private rented sector

Submission on retaliatory eviction to the Department of Energy and Climate Change Green Deal Consent Barriers and Retaliatory Eviction Working Group

NPTO would like to hear about private tenant's experiences of retaliatory eviction, the threat of retaliatory eviction or fear of retaliatory eviction. Please email your stories to All personal details will be kept confidential. With your permission we would like to use your accounts in NPTO campaigning material (with your personal details removed). Note: retaliatory eviction is said to occur when a tenant attempts to ensure their legal rights are upheld and their landlord uses their automatic right to possession of the property (Housing Act 1988 Section 21) in retaliation.

Click here to take our online survey on retaliatory eviction (commencing 16/11/11)
Please note: when you have sent your survey a window with an advert will appear, you can close this window.

Response to Southend-on-Sea Borough Council's consultation on selective licensing 

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